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[ CPO/Mobile Security ]


ATSS provide dedicated CPO/Mobile security and liaison with relevant authorities, government officials, airport immigration and local security forces. Our experienced personnel can also provide linguistic support, relevant intelligence, threat analysis, ground study, route analysis for all movements; contingency planning and ‘first line’ medical support in all cases of event.

[ Static Security ]


ATSS provides high quality and effective static guarding for both private sector  and commercial clients.  ATSS’s approach to static guarding is based upon a comprehensive and ongoing analysis of the threats to the location to be guarded, which will inform the design and implementation of the appropriate security solution.

[ Convoy protection ]


ATSS can provide security for cargo being transported between locations and general movement management along with complete support in the specific requirements of the client.

[ Canine Services ]


ATSS can provide trained Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD) with experienced handlers. We enhance our clients’ operating abilities by preventing and deterring criminal and terrorist activity, safeguarding contract sites, and providing best-in-class canine services.

[ TSCM Services ]


ATSS can provide Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), which is a set of measures to identify and locate hostile and illegal technical devices planted at your company for information collection purposes.

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