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 Contract Security 

ATSS is committed to providing the very best security and business support staff in the industry. We believe that staff welfare and maintaining high levels of retention are vital to a successful operation and ultimately beneficial to the customers.


At ATSS we provide a comprehensive range of Manned Security Services as well as local Quality Management. From a single man guarding, to a multi-manned security team, Guard Security strives to exceed our customers’ expectations. The Service that we provide is based on continuous assessment and improvement.

Police are excellent protectors for homes, private communities and Retail shopping centres. However, relying on public security may not be enough. A police officer cannot be available to guard your entire premises on a constant basis, and other calls and crimes may take precedence.

This is why many companies and business owners turn to private security to handle their 24-hour security needs. A private security company can guard your premises day and night, and work with the police to make sure that you are not subject to vandalism or break-ins. In the event of an emergency, a private security company will ensure an immediate response.

ATSS one of the leaders in professional private security.
With ATSS guarding your premises, burglaries and vandalism will be a thing of the past. ATSS will establish a powerful presence at your facility, making sure that thieves are stopped in their tracks. Criminals will see that your business, retail shopping centre, or community, is guarded by a professional private security company that knows how to keep them out.

With private security, you can make sure that your facility is under constant surveillance and has an established strong security presence. ATSS officers are professionally trained for expert crime prevention. Our officers routinely guard gated communities, keeping residents and their valuables safe at night. We offer residential patrols to cover an entire gated community, making sure every home is protected. ATSS also offers a visiting patrol service, where a security guard will return to your premises routinely throughout the night, checking storefronts and windows to make sure that no burglaries will occur. Visiting patrol service, a visible deterrent, is a cost effective alternative for on-site security.

Our visiting patrol service has brought successful security to many satisfied clients. ATSS is ready, willing, and fully capable to handle your private security needs. With ATSS in charge of your security operations, your communities, shopping centres, and office buildings will be safe, day and night.


Benefits to business
Some businesses employ the services of outside security

consultants to develop bid specifications for qualifying

contract security agencies under consideration for the security

service contract at their facilities. Most companies, however,

handle the selection in house with little or no knowledge of

the security field. Often the sole criterion for selection is the

low bid. This usually results in substandard service, which

provides a false illusion of security, but does little to limit risk.

In some cases, the quality of security officers assigned is so

poor that overall exposure becomes considerably greater than

if there were no security personnel at all on site. In most areas

there are well managed contract services providing professional

officers who become real assets to their clients.

The information provided here will assist businesses interested in developing bid specifications and qualifying contract security services. For others, it provides enough insight into the contract security business so that precise and applicable questions can be asked to potential bidders who may be touting an inferior service or providing misleading information.


Please feel free to call us on 1600-1512 (for local) or +82 70 8708 3633~ 5 (for Int’l) or see “Contact Us” page to discuss prices and services. Thank you.

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