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Areas A

A.T.S.S. offers in-depth security consultancy and executive service on all client

types from commercial to the private sector any location in the world using its

global alliances.


•Celebrity / Dignitary tour service

•Film / TV security / Studio Security / Movie star protective detail

•Executive Protection for Global leader/CEO

•Event security 

•Security threat assessment

•Executive transportation / Limousine Support service / Luggage van service

•Airport protocol service

•Hotel arrange service

•Building security

•Access control / Edifice security / Outskirts security

•Conflict site security / Conflict negotiation

•Supplies escort

•Safety guard to chaotic

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Areas B

For more complex security requirements & projects:

Based at multiple locations, A.T.S.S. can provide a project management capability

which ensures that all aspects of the security solution are running effectively.

This can be further enhanced by a communications system with vehicle tracking

and GIS.  An intelligence function can also be offered to provide continuous threat assessments and intelligence relating to the operating environment.


Risk Management, Planning and Consulting services:

•Risk Analysis and Risk Management

•Security training and contingency planning

•Emergency and Incident Management

•Security Audit

•Maritime security, facilities planning

•Security Insurance Services

Management training/seminars covering the following:

•Security and safety policies and procedures

•Replications security and electronic security

•The principle of the budget and budgetary control

•Disaster Recovery

•Risk Analysis, recruitment and selection

•Conflict management

•Team building and leadership

•Project planning

•Stress Management

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