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 Company Profile 

ATSS, INC. established in 2003 and providing professional security personnel to local, national and multinational customers across all sectors in Korea.  We are proud to announce that ATSS has guarded not only people and property but also long-term reputation of companies. Our front line security staff represents both our customer and ATSS images in the market which is the reason for investing continuously in their skills through training and management support programs. We also encourage every effort to motivate our staff not only to deliver high standards of security services but also to establish an association with our customers for a better working environment.  ATSS, Registered in Korea under Reg.No:128-86-48534, Registered office: #724, Dongmun Tower 1, 358-39, Hosu-ro, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea


ATSS, INC. was established in 2003, quickly achieved reputation for providing high levels of security services at competitive rates. We have attained Control Risks Certificate of Achievement in the year 2013, A3P Agent Privé de Protection de Personnes in the year 2006, Executive Protection International Conference by EPIC in the year 2010, BSITF II by United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) in the year 2014ASITF (English) by United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) in the year of 2014 and renewed annually since. These accreditations are not only prerequisites to qualify for pre/post tender processes established by high value companies in the market but also provides peace of mind and confidence that ATSS will provide services according to set standards and customer’s expectations.

ATSS, INC. acquire ISO9001 accreditation in Dec 2018, which is internationally recognized  qualification for Quality Management System (QMS), and also acquired ISO14001 accreditation. As part of ongoing improvement and to achieve highest qualification, we have took the various international training courses throughout the world such as High Threat Medics Including Cannulation, Fluid Therapy, Blast & Gunshot Injuries and First Aid at Work by A.I.D. Training & Operations Ltd in London in Nov 2012. 

Our Head Office is based in Goyang-si, Kyuonggi-do with a branch office in Seoul to support throughout the country with full coverage in Korea. We can provide both long & short term fully licensed security officers at any location with any level of responsibility.  However, we also provide CCTV trained officers and dog handlers as required by our customers. Additionally, we provide further training such as First Aid and Fire Training to our staff for any potential risks and dangers.  ATSS have resources and capability to provide security services to any area in Korea normally within notice period of four hours or less.

ATSS understand the importance of keeping overheads to a

minimum level and to pass financial benefit to our customers

by offering cost effective solutions. Our senior management

teams have a combined total of more than a century of

experience in security industry in Korea.  Our employees have

shown high level of commitment to ATSS and majority having

been employed with us since formation of company. This allows

us to provide high levels of continuity to our customers which

often is a cause of concern in the market.


We are very flexible in our services and can provide tailored

made & integrated solutions for manned guarding, mobile

patrols, and guard dogs etc. as per clients’ requirements.

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