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 Environmental Policy 

ATSS Corporate Directive

•All ATSS Employees shall:  

•Strive to promote a sustainable environment with the recognition that the Earth is an irreplaceable asset and that there

 is a collective obligation to leave it to future generations in a sound state;

•Comply with all applicable international, regional and national standards, laws, regulations, agreements, industry

 guidelines and company rules related to the environment;

•Contribute to society by developing and offering excellent products that incorporate technologies for environmental

 protection; and

•Strive to reduce the environmental impact of business activities.

Special Operation Directives for All ATSS Directors and Employees

•Directors and Employees shall: 

•Endeavor to do research and development activities and product manufacturing that reduce the impact on the

 environment, and also work proactively to maximize the efficient use of energy, reduce the use of natural resources

 and recycle in the course of all business activities in order to prevent global warming and efficiently use resources;

•Continually improve environmental activities by implementing action plans from both short-term and long-term

 perspectives through daily operations;

•Conduct periodic measurements and inspections and maintain records accordingly. When there is an irregularity,

 promptly take corrective and preventive measures;

•Perform timely and appropriate environmental impact assessments during the planning of new plants and plant

 relocations, investment in production facilities, product planning and design and the purchase of new parts,

 components or materials;

•Try to avoid the use or emission of any substance that, although not prohibited by applicable laws or regulations, is

 recognized as a threat to the environment by the government or public environmental authority of any country or

 region in which Toshiba Group operates. If such a substance should be used by Toshiba Group Companies,

 for whatever reason, every effort shall be made to minimize its environmental impact through application of the best

 available technology and know-how;

•Try to maintain good and open communication channels for disclosure of sufficient information regarding our

 environmental activities; and

•Pay due consideration to environmental issues in every-day life, including global warming, and actively participating

 in environmental activities of local communities.

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