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ATSS has designed tailor-made services for clients working in different industries and commercial sectors such as corporate, distribution, manufacturing sectors, care support work, construction, engineering, retail etc. ATSS aim is to protect not only people and properties by providing static, mobile, monitoring, patrols, access control, fire prevention, receptionist services but also to secure long-term reputation of its clients


ATSS strives to continuously provide well trained and highly professional staff
to out clients. It is the policy of ATSS to persistently improve our standards of services as those of Security Industry. We have wide range of security services available to you and would appreciate if you could visit individual service by clicking on menu bar.

Threats to businesses in today’s world are varied and constantly changing and effective management of risk has become a boardroom issue. It is essential to have a business partner who has the expertise and resource to understand the threat, minimize the risk, and let you focus on the smooth running of your operation. Security experts will help you protect against violent crimeimage of your brand and reputation. We understand security risk by:


• Monitoring and advising on the threats to your business

• Quantifying, assessing and protecting the vulnerabilities within your business

• Keeping your business functioning for you to satisfy your customers’ requirements

We hold vast experience in tailor-made security solutions and services to the needs of many customers of all types and sizes, from the deployment of security officers, monitoring, crisis management, planning and training, and security advice. We have the highest quality security solutions to address your security needs, whatever industry sector you are in.


Please feel free to call us on 1600-1512 (for local) or +82 70 8708 3633~ 5 (for Int’l) or see “Contact Us” page to discuss prices and services. Thank you.

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